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Do your Sims have a longing for days gone by? Do they want to shout ¡Huzzah! Long Live the King and Queen! Do they have a hankering for good old-fashioned servitude? Then it is you duty to transport them back in time several hundred years to live in Good Old Simland! Simland has a King and or Queen that presides over all of their loyal subjects. It's up to you to make the strongest Royal family that you can. The fate of the Kingdom depends of you!

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The Goal: The point of this challenge is to make a themed neighborhood with a royal family, nobility, merchants, and peasants/farmers and reach 5 generations with at least one family from each category.

  • To begin you must make a new neighborhood
  • Make 1 King and Queen for your royal family in CAS
  • Make 3 or less families that will become the Noble class
  • Make 2 or less families that will be the Merchant class
  • Make 3 or less families that will be the Peasant class
  • You may not use any cheats except where specified
  • If medieval isn't your style you could also play this challenge with another theme such as Renaissance, Regency, Victorian, or fantasy.
  • If you want an even harder challenge you could create two kingdoms by having the second kingdom in a downtown neighborhood attached to your original neighborhood. However, this means two sets of everything, 2 royal families, two sets of nobility etc.
  • You can add a church/monastery or abbey to you neighborhood that you can send Sims to that you don't want to marry. You still must play these Sims. Sims of the Church are considered a separate class and must be added to your play list. You must play Sims of the Church as often as Sims of the other classes.
  • You can start the first King and Queen as young adults but you can not begin playing the other families until they graduate and move to the regular neighborhood.
  • To keep track of who belongs to what class you can have each class have a specific hair or skin color (ex. all peasants could have brown hair or green skin).
  • You can add one household for the town witch or wizard. The heir to that family would have no cheat restrictions and would be able to attend university in order to get the paranormal career but otherwise would have to live by the rest of the peasant rules.
  • If you can¡¦t decide which theme to choose, try advancing the time period every one or two generations. Then you could start at medieval, then renaissance, colonial, regency, victorian etc. If you find the custom content for it you could even start with an ancient period like Egyptian or Roman.
*If you want to make a society run by women then you get the point is all heirs are first born daughter

*If you don't have all of the Expansion Packs simply ignore the rules or bonuses that don't relate to you.

Remember, this challenge is very flexible so it can fit your personal tastes. With this challenge you can unite all the families in a neighborhood and give it some sort of structure and goal. If you are not playing for points feel free to bend the rules a bit to fit your playing style, but don't be afraid to try something different then you normally do!

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